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Observatory Dedication and Grand Opening

Aldrich celebrates a grand opening of our new Observatory along with a dedication of the Astro-Physics mount donated by Aldrich member Fran Edwards in memory of his late wife Gail.

Thirty-Two Aldrich members, with their family and friends, along with some honored guests and their families celebrated the Grand Opening of the Aldrich Observatory in Oakham this past Saturday evening. In addition, we had a brief dedication ceremony in honor of the memory of Gail Edwards, whom Fran Edwards generously donated the Astro-Physics mount which is now the center-point of our new Observatory. Honored guests included Warren Bock and Jeff Hotchkiss whom are executives with Treasure Valley Scouting Camp who made our Observatory even possible.

Fun was had by all with beautiful weather and clear skies. Everyone seemed to enjoy the BBQ we had as part of this event. We also enjoyed an evening of observing and imaging in the clear dark skies of Oakham.

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