Starfest 2017 is CANCELLED for this year!

Unfortunately due to heavy vacation demands of our members related to the upcoming eclipse...Aldrich atronomical society WILL NOT be hosting our annual Starfest event at Anna Maria College in 2017.

Aldrich observatory

Members enjoy access to a "dark site" with roll-off-roof observatory in scenic Oakham, MA—out from under the light pollution of the cities.

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Public observing nights are held at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA

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In the News


Aldrich member Catherine Zebrowski has recently published her book "Sleepwalking Backwards" after many years of hard work. As the cover implies this book of fiction has an astronomy theme. Check it out if you get a chance and congratulate Catherine if you see her!

Check-out this book on Amazon Amazon

Starfest 2017 at Anna Maria College cancelled for this year due to member travels to the August 21st Solar Eclipse.

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